Simple and effective place-based communication for venues and brands

Combine screen displays, social media and mobile interaction for a meaningful connection with your place visitors

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Communication where it matters

Displr is a smart and cost-effective platform that enables you to create engaging digital experiences for your customers through the combined use of large screen displays and mobile devices.

Why Displr?

Smart and interactive media made simple

Do it yourself

Designed to empower any organization to take control of its own place-based communication. No need to hire external specialists.

Smart content

Display apps autonomously present and update content from many sources. No need for tedious media management tasks.


With the free Displr mobile app, visitors can interact on their mobile with the same media being shown on the public displays.

One mobile application, many interactive displays

With the Displr app, you can connect to any Displr screen:

  • See the screen's contents on your smartphone
  • Save publications to view later
  • Interact with applications on the screens


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per year+VAT

1 player included

Unlimited users

Online and phone support

40 subscribed channels

100 contents per spot



On request

Unlimited players

Unlimited users

Account manager

Unlimited channels

Unlimited content

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Getting Started

I need a complete solution.

What’s next?

We are committed to offer you the best web-based solution for display media. Still, we know that sometimes dealing with the physical deployment of the screens and their technical set-up may seem scary. Some clients may not have the competences or the time to select and deploy the technical solution that they need. Others may simply prefer to entrust this job to responsible professionals.

Where do I start?

The good news is that the technical set-up of Displr does not require any specific expertise. If you have an IT team or if you already have a professional IT or A/V provider, they should have no problem in getting your Displr screens up and running.

View more information about the Displr installation.

Displr Partners

If you prefer, we also have our own network of local partners who will be ready to work with you in creating a complete solution

Contact request

We will put you in contact with the best local partner to get the job done.

Easy to manage, social and interactive

Empowering dashboard

From your spot dashboard you can have full control of your displays at any time and from anywhere. Everything is as simple as creating and managing a Facebook page.

Interactive experiences

With the Displr mobile app you can support a broad range of interactive experiences for enhanced engagement with your customers. For example, polls allow you to involve and give a voice to your community.

Customisable and extensible

Displr applications can extend your displays with any type of functionality. We are adding new applications and we can also develop custom apps to serve specific communication needs.

Many to many

Anyone can share media across the whole Displr network. As a display owner, you can subscribe content from popular channels to be shown on your displays.

Social integration

Add your social feeds, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or RSS. You can also use cloud file systems, such as Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive and simply drop content directly into your displays.

Multiple screens

Displr is fully cloud-based and device independent. From a single spot, your content can reach multiple large screen displays and the many mobile devices of your customers.

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